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Member Resources

The following list of articles, reports, and assessments are available to you as part of your esp membership. From time to time, your coach may suggest that you use one of these tools to facilitate your growth and movement, or you may explore and use them at your own discretion.

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As a Leader, Are You a Perfect "10"?
Authentic Marketer: Master of Five Empowering Frameworks
Top Ten Ways to Create a Sustainable Workplace
Top Ten Ways Business Commandments from Sam Walton
Top Ten Ways Business Commandments of Business
Top Ten Things That Make a Good Manager
Top Ten Ways to Coach Commitment from Your Employees and Staff
Top Ten Tips for Dealing With Employee Problem Behavior
Top Ten Most Common Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make
Top Ten Faces of Leadership


Ten Steps to Making Major Life Changes
Top Ten Ways to Identify Your Vision
Top Ten Tips for Setting Boundaries
Top Ten Keys To Understanding Boundaries and Standards
Top Ten Ways to Use Your Intuition to Make Winning Decisions
Top Ten Things to Know to Develop Your Personal Subconscious Mind
Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Coach
Top Ten Creativity Boosters


Personal Profiles

Enneagram Type (48 questions)
Jung Typology Test (Myers-Briggs) (72 questions)
InfoMate Jung Marriage Test ($3)
Entrepreneurial Profiles in Small Business ($3)
Risk Attitudes Profiler ($3)



Personal Foundation

Clean Sweep Program: 100 Items That Bring Vitality And Strength
Extreme Self-Care Program: 100 Items To Achieving Emotional And Physical Balance
Needless Program: 100 Needs And The Program To Make Them Vanish
Personal Foundation Program: 100 Steps For Self-Paced Personal Development
Reserve Index Program: 100 Items To Gaining Inner Strength
Strengths Inventory Checklist To Determine Your Personal And Situational Strengths
Smiles Program: A Worksheet To Write Down 100 Things That Make You Smile
Stress Index Assessment To Determine Your Stress Level
Tolerations List
T ime Peace Program: 100 Ways To Save, Create, and Have More Than Enough Time!

Tru Values Program: Checklist Of More Than 150 Values
What Fuels You?: Determine Your Sources Of Motivation And Energy


28 Attraction Principles
Buff It Up! Program: 100 Items In 10 Life Areas To Work On
Class Act Program: 100 Character Traits, Life Skills, Special Qualities, And Personal Practices
Evolutionary Progressions: 101 Ways To Know You Are Evolving
Irresistible Attraction Program: 100 Ways To Make Yourself Irresistible To the Right
People And Opportunities
MetaSkills: 100 Skills To Master
Personal Path Program: 100 Benchmarks Or Milestones In Life
Super Reserve Program: Checklist Of 100 Items To Build Your Own Reserve


Biz Whiz Success Program: 100 Key Factors To Consistent Business Success And Profitability
e-Tip Broadcasting: 100 Steps To Setting Up A Successful e-News/e-Tip Broadcast
Internet Marketing: 101 Ways To Market Yourself And Your Site On The InternetNew Business Start-Up Program
Professional Practice Checklist: 100 Key Factors To Building And Maintaining A Successful Practice
Team 100 Program: Listing 100 Professionals to be part of your network
Website 100: 100 Design And Functional Elements Of A Terrific Website


Staff Excellence Program: 100 Key Skills, Behaviors, Styles Of Highly Effective Managers
Coach Manager Program


15 Human Conditions Assessment To Determine What Is Causing Your Problems
Addictions & Conditions Program: 100 Items To Test For Addiction/Condition Adrenaline Addict Self-Test: Fully Understand The Adrenaline Lifestyle


Certified Communicator Program: 100 Points To Evaluate Your Communication Level
Communication Faults: 100 Communication Mistakes People Make
Love 101: A Coaching Program for Couples
Relationship Questions: 101 Questions To Ask Each Other



Virtual coach

Daily email vision/goal email reminders (7 day duration)
Daily Inspirational Quotes
Life Purpose Worksheet
Tracker For 10 Goals To Reach In The Next 90 Days
Tracker For Action Steps
Tracker For 10 Goals To Reach In The Next 90 Days
Tracker For Action Steps
Tracker For Actions And Outcomes: Log
Tracker For Advertising and Promotion Activities, Results and Dollars
Tracker For Annual Objectives & Weekly Goals
Tracker For Long Term Goals
Tracker For Monthly Goals
Tracker For One Year Goals
Tracker For Weekly Goals
Weekly email vision/goal email reminders (4 week duration)
Weekly coaching recommendations